Website fully updated!

After setting up the blog and starting a serious effort of presenting some information on my thesis topic as well as veterinary incidents I encounter in cattle, I decided that the website needed a bit of an update. For ease of management, everything has now officially moved to a WordPress platform, and both website and blog are maintained in English, as an internationally used language. There are summaries of the website in both Swedish and Greek, and particular announcements that target a Swedish or Greek audience will also be made in the respective languages.

I hope you will find the information of the website and the blog useful. Thank you for visiting!

Behind the name: Thunderkit and The Unstoppable Veterinarian

I cannot hide that I have a soft spot for comics and cartoons. The name of my website, “thunderkit”, is a combination of a childhood favorite, ThunderCats, and my chosen heroine of the animated series, Wilykit. This nickname has followed me throughout my years of online activity, and I am proud of still using it as opposed to a more professional “”. The title of my blog (The Unstoppable Veterinarian) has a story behind it that is related to my master’s thesis. You can find a short post about it at the blog.