A bit about me

My love for farm animals, and especially cattle, was established when I did veterinary practice for one year at Fröstorp dairy farm in Sweden, during 2014-2015. I was given the opportunity to work extensively with newborn calves, both as a veterinarian and caretaker, as well as treat cows with post-parturient metabolic diseases and injuries. Being employed at a farm allowed me to witness and understand the hard work and effort farmers put to their business and their animals,  and also the problems and opportunities that exist when it comes to improving the herd’s health and welfare. After my practice, I continued with a two-year master’s in applied ethology and animal biology at Linköping University, which covers topics in farm, companion and wild animals.

Currently, I am mainly interested in research focusing on bovine behavior, welfare, first aid and critical care, as well as the behavior of feral cattle. However, I do not exclude research and work in other species or subjects – I am always up to the task for exciting projects and ideas! As an ethologist, I wish to work on practical solutions that increase the welfare of farm animals, and the promotion of natural behavior in companion animals and wild animals under rehabilitation.

My complete CV is available for reading and downloading in pdf format. If you wish to know more about my work experience and interests, feel free to contact me or connect with me in selected social networks. I’d be happy to hear from you!